Interns #

Sangbeom Ha (Summer ‘23–)
Large-Scale Quantization

Minyoung Kang (Fall ‘23–)
Neural Cellular Automata

Yousung Roh (Fall ‘23–)
Byte-Processing Neural Networks

Inkwan Hwang (Fall ‘23–)
Large-Scale Quantization

Taesun Yeom (Winter ‘23–)
Training and Inference Efficiency for Neural Fields

Minjae Park (Winter ‘23–)
Faster State-Space Models

Minhee Lee (Winter ‘23–)
Speculative Decoding

Jeonghyun Choi (Winter ‘23–)
Properties of Data Augmentation

Jegwang Ryu (Summer ‘23 –> Samsung –> Winter ‘23–)
Accelerated Training by Masking

Seunghyun Kim

Waitlist (Spring ‘24) #

Taesun Yeom

Seunghyun Kim

Soochang Song

Inkwan Hwang

Jaesang Yu