Past Interns #

Jiyun Bae (Summer ‘23–Fall ‘23; now at EffL)
Visual Prompt Tuning

Sangyoon Lee (Summaer–Fall ‘23; now at EffL)
Fast Neural Field Generation

Jegwang Ryu (Summer ‘23; now at Samsung)
Test-time Training with Masked Modeling

Dohyun Kim (Summer ‘23; now at 🫡)
Zeroth Order Optimization

Juyun Wee (Spring ‘23 → EffL)
Time-Series Modeling with Transformers

Soochang Song (Winter ‘22 – Spring ‘23; now exchange student at 🇫🇷)
Model Interpolation with SIRENs

Jeonghun Cho (Winter ‘22)
Pruning Models under Challenging Scenarios

Seyeon Park (Winter ‘21 → Yonsei)
Efficient Attentions for Language Models

Hagyeong Lee (Winter ‘21 → EffL)
Data Compression with Implicit Neural Representations