Jaeho Lee #

Assistant Professor @ POSTECH EE (22.03–)
Principal Investigator @ EffL (22.03–)
Visiting Researcher @ Google (23.09–)
webpage, mail, twitter

Jiwoon Lee #

Efficient ML in the Wild 🐊
Graduate Student @ POSTECH EE (22.03–)
Office Team Lead @ EffL
Keywords: Model Merging, Federated Learning, Knowledge Distillation
webpage, mail

Junwon Seo #

Blazing-Fast Neural Field Generation 🔥
Graduate Student @ POSTECH EE (22.03–)
Infrastructure Team Lead @ EffL
Keywords: Neural Field, Training Efficiency, Implicit Bias of SGD
webpage, mail

Seungwoo Son #

Compress Gigantic Transformers, but Efficiently 🤑
Graduate Student @ POSTECH EE (22.03–)
Student Intern @ Google
Keywords: Large Language Models, Masked Modeling, Knowledge Distillation
webpage, mail

Hagyeong Lee #

Data Compression, but for more than what we see 🔮
Graduate Student @ POSTECH EE (22.09–)
Academic Team Lead @ EffL
Keywords: Data Compression, Model Bias, Visual-Language Model
webpage, mail, twitter

Minkyu Kim #

Harnessing Language Models for Multimodal Tasks 🎙️
Graduate Student @ POSTECH AI (23.03–)
Keywords: Prefix Tuning, Multimodal Learning, Data Compression
webpage, mail, blog, recent project

Yu Ji Byun #

Completing High-Resolution Videos with Low Resources 📹
Graduate Student @ POSTECH Defense Science (23.03–)
Captain @ ROKMC
Keywords: High-res Videos, Image Inpainting, Computer Vision
mail, webpage

Juyun Wee #

Adaptive Processing of Extremely Long Data Sequences ⏳
Graduate Student @ POSTECH EE (23.09–)
Keywords: Time-Series Forecasting, Test-Time Training, Self-supervised Learning
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Seung-Ah Song #

Administrative Staff @ EffL (22.03–)