M.S./Ph.D. 🎓

Please email Jaeho with your

  1. Transcript (with rank)
  2. CV/Résumé
  3. A short statement of your research interests

We will have a short coffee chat to discuss the next steps.

Here are some notes by Jaeho.

Advising Statement #

As an advisor, I am commited to these principles:

  • keep the group handleable-sized,
  • have individual weekly meetings (30–60mins at least),
  • be maximally supportive to the career decisions of the students,
  • and keep non-academic burdens minimal.

I expect EffLers to

  • patiently lead their own research agenda,
  • maintain the highest level of academic honesty and intellectual humility,
  • gain top-notch expertise in their own area,
  • and willingly share their knowledge with fellow EffLers.

Resources & Financial Support #

We provide the followings for any M.S. or Ph.D. candidates.

  • A competitive monthly stipend.
    • This, of course, comes with research duties on the funded projects.
  • A laptop/desktop computer, among some options.
    • I strongly recommend getting a Linux/Mac.
    • Any purchased computer is technically a university property; use for research only.
  • Minimum 4 GPUs + Cluster access per person for research uses.
    • We have a mixture of RTX 6000 Ada / RTX 4090 / A6000 / A5000.
    • More GPUs on Clouds will be available, if needed.
  • Travel fund, if you have a first-authored paper accepted to target ML conferences.

Exclusive for Ph.D. candidates:

  • Additional support for computers & monitors.
  • One-time travel grant for an ML conference, even without a paper accepted.